Central single pass reverse osmosis

Central single pass reverse osmosis unit

Our high quality hercopur reverses osmosis system solutions for your dialysis centre combine advanced technology with the highest safety standards. The consumption-based controller with concentrate and permeate recirculation can reduce the annual water consumption expenses by half, compared with a common system! 

The highest possible safety in product and quality monitoring is achieved due to redundancy of all quality measuring gauges.

Two independent computers, mutually monitoring their performance, control the pure water quality. An additional emergency control guarantees continuous unit operation, even in case of electronics failure. Our leakage detection system as well as the remote monitoring and control facilitates perfect operational safety and guarantee low-cost service.

  • Advanced technology with highest safety standards
  • Stainless steel, orbtially welded
  • Deposits are avoided by series arrangement of thinly coiled membrane elements
  •  Design without dead zones
  • Fully automatic and freely selectable operating intervals
  • Automatic disinfection
  • Remote maintenance possible

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